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This is the story about Building Construction Copywriter...

Prior to starting my own company, as a degreed Mechanical Engineering Technologist, I provided liaison support between design engineers and factory personnel in the Aerospace and Aviation industries for over 25 years.

Working for companies like …

  • Hughes Missiles Systems – Now Raytheon – Tucson AZ
  • Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. – Seattle WA. & Portland OR
  • Columbia Helicopters, Inc – Portland OR
  • AEC, Inc – Sandy, OR
  • Just to mention a few...

So what about Building Construction Copywriter?

Well... after so much of the aerospace and aviation manufacturing world started changing and companies began down-sizing, I decided to take control of my own future.

You see... I've been fortunate enough to get experience in lots of areas and I wanted to apply that knowledge...

First off... I grew up on a ranch in Northern California. Since I was the only one left at home, my dad counted on me to help him with whatever chores needed to get done. By the time I turned 5 years old, I knew how to drive the farm tractors, the trucks... the jeep... and the cars.

I helped dad get the cattle in from the range, mend the fences... and so on.

I even helped add a breakfast room onto our kitchen. That was fun...

So after I grew up and went away to college, my opportunities broaden... I worked for Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering firms, drafting design layouts, surveying, and overseeing construction jobs onsite.

Later... that lead me to an exciting opportunity of building my own home.

Also, during my last two years in college, I worked for Portland General Electric... updating and maintaining their overhead and underground switch maps for the service crews.

I wasn't afraid of work... and I enjoyed learning new things.

Prior to attending college, I worked with the US Forest Service, doing road designs, drafting and plat plans.

All of that experience has given me a well-rounded knowledge base to pass onto my potential clients; especially  in the building construction industry.

Starting my company - a marketing and graphic design business in 2003, I created promotional materials like brochures, business cards, sales materials and such for small businesses in the Minnesota, Oregon, and California area.

Then In 2007, I discovered the world of direct response copywriting. Learning how to write direct response copywriting and marketing materials from programs offered by American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI).
So even though I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, I  continuously add to my education, especially in the direct response industry.

About Building Construction Copywriters' abilities to provide more value to our clients…

… Now, I continuously increase my knowledge in both online and offline copywriting, marketing, and even some graphic design. That let's me offer more sales and marketing tools to my building construction clients and potential clients.

Programs created and written by a company - American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) - out of Delray Beach, FL

Some of these topics include subjects like…

  • Copywriting
  • Email Campaigns
  • Strategic Marketing Tips and Techniques
  • Developing content that builds authority and generates leads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Content Copywriting
  • Creating customer success stories - AKA Case Studies
  • Site Auditing
  • Video sales content and marketing
  • And more...

In 2011, I obtained my certification as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist to help my clients get better visibility and search engine rankings.

I, also passed AWAI's 'Test Verified' exam - after completing their flag-ship copywriting course 'The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting', validating my understanding and competency of writing direct response sales and marketing materials.

Adding strategic marketing analysis to my list of business skills, I discovered how to help companies increase their web presence to attract more visitors and get more customers.

I quickly realized how beneficial both types of writing - my technical writing and copywriting skills - could be used to benefit the right targeted markets.

About Building Construction Copywriters' creative thinking and problem solving capabilities...

...I communicate well and enjoy working with others - both in team environments or working independently.

My drive and passion comes in helping my clients grow their businesses and prosper.

I focus on their challenges, needs, desires and interests. Then, using my experience within the aerospace and aviation industry, offer suggestions and recommendations to help companies create solid, result-oriented solutions.

My company markets our services to the Building Construction Business industry. Offering both online and offline solutions for businesses selling to companies within…

  • Residential Building Construction
  • Green Building Construction
  • Building Construction Equipment
  • Building Construction Materials
  • Roofing Manufacturing
  • And more...

My solid understanding in engineering, as well as my knowledge of copywriting and marketing, offers a fresh perspective to your company's project … focusing on getting results. Contact me here... if you think I can help and you'd like to talk.

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