Can A Site Audit Improve Your Building
Construction Business?

What is a site audit?

It's an overview of how well your website content is positioned - compared to your competition, to attract potential customers to you and your building construction business.

What does a site audit do? It looks at...

  • How your website's content reads ... from your visitor's point-of-view
  • How well it drives traffic to your site so your intended audience can find you
  • How well it guides your visitor through your sales or marketing process - if applicable
  • How clearly it's written so it is easy enough for them to follow
  • How well it drives the action you desire to your company

Why do you need it?

Since there are more than 30 trillion unique pages on the Internet today, according to Google, you and your building construction company are battling with each and every other website on the 'net.

To get visibility and to reach your targeted audience, your site must rise above your competition.

Having your content be absolutely focused, clear, and relevant... is a MUST to reach your intended audience. And that's only the beginning...


A site audit provides you with a strategic report showcasing where your site's strength excel, and which areas give you opportunities for improvements.

This report gives you valuable insight on how to increase your website's chances for better success using industry standards and guidelines.

I'd be glad to help you with this. If you're interested... just contact me...

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